Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mardi Gras Swap

I have been participating in a Mardi Gras swap. This week my package arrived. I am blown away by Raveler Criquette’s generosity and creativity!


She sent giant paper clips, which I always want to buy but can never justify buying for myself, stitch holders, hand made stitch markers, a mix CD of MG music, beads, coins, self-striping yarn she dyed herself, a bejeweled tin and tape measure (LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE) and a cowl made from Malabrigo yarn that is so squishy and so wonderful that I pulled it on right away and have worn it every time I have gone outside.

My creation

I sent Criquette knitted and crocheted ornaments for her Mardi Gras tree, 2 wash cloths made from patterns in her Ravelry favorites, 1 necklace and 3 bracelets made by a friend of Deborah (who was also the Swap Mistress) and a skein of my 5/2 Cotton Warp.

My creation

Sunday, January 24, 2010

PSA: We don't eat cats

I just googled "Dyeabolical" and stlrachelknits didn't come up in the search results. I declare the blog name change successful! Obviously, I am the business and it is me, but it was verrah verrah frustrating that Googling "Dyeabolical" would pull up and display links on to stlrachelknits rants, made before I ever conceived of a yarn dyeing business, before it ever linked to my business pages. Plus, I just like having a "private" public space where I can talk about, oh say, racism and sexism without contaminating a purely knitting and fiber space.

I have asked Google politely (by clicking the ticky box) to not index Lehcar Knits, so hopefully it won't index "Dyeabolical" along side this blog if I were to say something like.....

I swear to yarn that the next person to say something shitty and dumb is getting jacked upside the head.

...except, like most people, I have been socialized not to jack people upside the head when they let their white/male/hetero privilege, racism or sexism show. So, I will probably just smile politely, deflect it with humor, seethe inside and make a ranty blog post about it...possibly with a bullet point. [There were more bullet points but the subject was making my head explode, so you just get the one today.]

  • Implying Chinese people serve or eat cats is an ethnic slur. You can tell because no one ever says that about Italian, Irish, German or Mexican restaurants. You can also tell because Snopes said it was both xenophobic and FALSE and Snopes knows everything. Have Chinese people ever eaten cats? Yep, but not in America. In America eating cats is not cool.
And that's your public service announcement for today. Please don't index me, Google.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Chicken Vinegar

Yesterday Scott made a faaaannnnnntastic roasted chicken from an old free-range bird with roasted sweet potatoes, turnips and onions on the side, homemade gravy on the top and homemade chocolate pudding for dessert. When I make roasted chicken it takes a couple of hours, tastes so-so and we end up pitching most of it. This is Scott's first chicken and it took 8 hours to prep and cook the bird, make stock for soup today and clean up. Worth it? Oh yeah! We're doing it his way from now on.

The bird smelled and tasted wonderful last night. It still tastes good today (yay leftovers!) but the apartment smells like chicken grease. Yuck. A few weeks ago someone turned me on to vinegar as a room deodorizer. I was skeptical to say the least, but I put a bowl of vinegar out in the kitchen before bed last night. This morning the bowl of vinegar smells like chicken brine (ew) and the kitchen smells like vinegar, which smells clean and will dissipate quickly. Nifty!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Skelly mitten prototype

This is the design that has been stealing my knitting mojo occupying most of my time. This is just the prototype. I need to redo the top of the mitten. The whole chart needs to either be narrower or the mitten needs to be wider. I'll do that next week. A few days ago I complained to Twitter that I wanted to take scissors to it. It just looked like a big tangled pile of frustration that had taken 2 weeks longer than I had planned it to take and it was wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. After receiving a few "there, theres" I sucked it up, finished the prototype and blocked it.

Why do we ever discount the power of blocking? Blocking totally saved this design and the prototype from going to the recycling bin in teeny tiny pieces. Sure, it needs a little work, but it isn't bad. It's kind of....well, it's kind of exactly how I pictured it in my head 3 weeks ago and that's kind of cool.

I haven't decided what to do about publishing. Should I submit it? Should I self-publish? Will anyone even pay for this? Do you like it? Would you like it even if it cost $5? I've put a lot of work in to it, sure, but I fully admit I have lost all objectivity with this project. Is it good? Is it bad? Is it worth the time and money I've put in to it so far? Would the experience of designing this and writing the pattern still be worth it even if I lost money doing it? Do I really want answers to these questions? Er, unsure.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti Help

Knitters, Stephanie has thrown up the Knit Signal. Doctors Without Borders, Undirected Fund. You know what to do.

Holy God. CNN says hundreds of thousands. Hundreds of thousands dead.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

2009 First Lines Meme

First line of first post of each month of 2009:

January--The stereotype that knitters are nice, kind, matronly and would never ever break in and vandalize their friends homes with 3 giant party packs of balloons is wrong.

February--A year ago my friend Selena's daughter had a double lung transplant.

March--I feel like I need to write something heartfelt and elegant about the past few days, but right now I can't.

April--Yesterday I destashed a full third of my stash.

May--The most recent episode of the videocast Let's Knit2gether features discloth knitting and *drumroll please* a Dyeabolical yarn giveaway!

June--I swear this is the last post about my apartment this week.

July--There are few things I need to complain loudly about before I get on with my day.

August--Instead of taking it easy after the wool tried to kill me, I decided to get back on that horse and dyed up 48 skeins of sock yarn, all one-of-a-kind (my favorite kind).

September-The Strange Folk Festival is getting near!

October--Strange Folk was awesome, but exhausting.

November--It's National Novel Writing month, National Blog Posting month, I'm pretty sure it is National Sweater Knitting month but I could be wrong there, and it is the month of Thanksgiving. [That sentence is exactly why I need an editor]

December--1.5" of garter to go and I'll be finished with my February Lady Sweater made from my own Cotton Slub yarn.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 Knits (and a little crochet)

9 hats or berets
9 knitted ornaments, only one of which I have a picture of
3 adult sweaters
3 pairs of mittens, fingerless or otherwise
3 scarves or cowls
1 adult tank
1 baby sweater
1 baby blanket
1 bathmat
1 pair of socks--Uh, what? ONE pair of socks? How could this possibly be? That's it. I am making a resolution for 2010. I resolve to make more socks this year.

2009 Knitting and Crocheting

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Target, Please don't ever turn in to Wal-Mart

These little flower pots in the Target $1 section make my day every time a new variety shows up on the shelves, nevermind that I have never successfully grown any of these pots beyond the seedling stage.