Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I am full to the brim with righteous indignation. 
  • [Edited to add and moved to the top because I'm mad about it again] The economy pisses me right the hell off. Sandy said, completely sarcastically, "yeah well if these people wanted a job they'd have a job" and rolled her eyes to fully punctuate that what she said was sarcastic. And you know what? I wanted to belt her one right there and told her so. Not really belt her, of course, and she gets that (I hope). No, I want haul off and knock out every person with a job who says that about people who can't get jobs right now. People, McDonalds isn't hiring right now. Lots of us still have some discretionary spending left and are spending, frankly, a little irresponsibly (I know I am) while an insane amount of our cohorts are having their own personal Great Depression. So frustrating. 
  • The white washing of Airbender. So all the good characters are white and the bad guy is brown? And they cast Asian roles with Caucasian actors? I don't believe I'll be seeing that movie, thanks.
  • That Wonder Woman's personal history is being re-written to be completely dumb. Plus she has a new outfit, which is fine except that it seems like the powers that be rewrote her character to explain why she has pants on. Girl changes outfits, girl changes her fundamental self? What the hell? All my favorite superheroes are DC. DC keeps taking my faves and having them say and do vaguely racist and explicitly sexist shit. They also keep trying to change things to appease the women without, you know, consulting women. 
  • The guys that live downstairs. I can't even talk about it without an instant migraine. Let's just say after a really stressful few weeks dealing with their assorted issues, which I try to be patient and understanting about, I came home today to find they acquired a new turkey fryer or meat smoker. I can't tell which. Either way, one isn't competent to operate such a thing and the other isn't responsible enough. It is big and contains fire and they live on a wood balcony sandwiched between two other wood balconies which are adjacent to 2 trees. They are very responsible with their itty bitty charcoal grill, after I told them how to use it, but this smoker thing is just dangerous, especially if it turns out to be a fryer, not a smoker. I don't care what it is. What I care about is that every 12 hours for the last 48 hours seems to produce some new and stressful shit from their apartment--having my bedroom ripped up because my floor was "noisy", finding nothing wrong with my floor, cutting my carpet in to pieces, and then being told (angrily) that the repair that THEY REQUESTED was too loud and woke them up? There is a pinging in the top of my head whenever I think too hard about it, which I am pretty sure is a stroke about to happen. I've called the office about their various other issues and someone is supposed to talk to them soon.
  • Fruit flies. Fruit flies piss me off to no end. I've tried the apple cider vinegar trick and it isn't working.
Things that make me less mad:
  • This masham wool I dyed up for Annie and forgot to get a decent picture of.
  • Tour de Fleece starts soon. 
  • It was potluck night at knitting. We had some truly astounding food which I, again, forgot to get pictures of.
  • The new Harry Potter trailer. 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I feel like I haven't blogged in a really long time. I guess it has only been a week. I am giving some serious thought to getting some of that speak/type software. The only thing holding me back is ego. I feel like I ought to be able to be a concise enough thinker, a fast enough typist and have a strong enough work ethic to not need the speak/type software. Then I remember the 20 blog posts I wrote in my head that never made it to the computer because that would have involved making my brain and my hands work together when I could have been staring at the television and knitting on a sock while a little drool runs out of the corner of my mouth. And also I don't think the speak/type software can help me with run on sentences. Or sentences that start with a conjunction. Or fragments.

Speaking of drool, the Tour de Lancy Pants starts in a few weeks. Until I got the Netflix Watch Instantly to play on my TV, the only time my TV was on for more than an hour a week was in July when it was on non-stop to watch the pre-race, race, post-race and highlights of the Tour. That was when I had cable. Sadly I do not have cable anymore. I wish I could get cable for just a month without a bunch of hassle. Luckily Versus TV will have on-demand streaming of each stage, so I won't miss any of the race itself, but I will miss all the insightful commentary. Everyone who has ever watched the Tour just laughed when I said "insightful commentary". Essentially it is 5-8 hours every day of Bob Roll talking about how much he hates France and everyone else talking about how hot Lance Armstrong is and let's face it. Lance Armstrong is pretty hot for an old guy. Oh god, I just looked up how old Lance Armstrong is. Not much older than me at all.

Here's the other problem with blogging. I came here to get my rant on about how it isn't cool to lash out at other people and bring them down just because you are having a worse day than they are, but I ended up spending 30 minutes looking at pictures of Lance Armstrong after doing off on a tangent about drool. See? This is why I don't blog more.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Pattern: Batkus scarf
Yarn: My handspun made from 2 RIOT batts from Butterfly Girl Designs
Time: From batt to yarn to scarf, about a week
This scarf looks like a sari silk scarf but it is softer, cleaner and doesn't have toenails and cigarette butts spun in to it like the first sari silk yarn I bought way back when only one company was selling it in the US. In conclusion, this yarn and scarf is 10000000% better than the sari scarf I made when I first started to knit again. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Effortless Spinning

I can spin for hours on my new wheel. The treadling is effortless. Look how fast it goes! Hear how quiet it is!
The Schacht Matchless truly is a production machine. I know that with this machine that I can continue to produce product even when I feel awful. Oh sure, I won't be able to produce the same amount inventory that I would with dyeing yarn, but 1 handspun yarn a day is better than 0 hand dyed yarns per day if it ever comes down to that again.*knocks on wood*

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Scott has been talking about making a terrarium for several years now, but hasn't had time between other projects, so I sent him over to the Science Faire booth at Green With Indie. This is what he came back to the booth with:

Nice, huh? It is hard to see in the picture, but the clincher was 2 hippos. Scott has been calling it the hipporarium.
I rearranged the toy shelf today to accommodate our new friends.
This is my favorite part, Rosie taking a picture with the ViewMaster-esque toy camera.

I also came home with a beautiful agate necklace, 2-tshirt necklaces, 2 rings and a t-shirt flower pin that I traded with Mari from Iram-Inal Designs for my Transitions entrelac shawl. Doesn't she look beautiful? It looks better on her than it ever looked on me.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's 6:10 am and I've already got 2.5 hours of blogging and blog reading under my belt. That's what happens when you wake up at 3:40. I would have gone back to sleep but a curious *whirring* sound got me out of bed to investigate.

The *whirring* noise was Scott finishing up his first plied yarn. Between the time I went to bed and the time it woke me up, he had finished up a few bobbins of singles and plied them in to a yarn. He has this new medicine that is causing insomnia, poor thing. It isn't fair to have both insomnia and hypersomnia at the same time, but at least he is being productive. Too bad he's supposed to be at work in an hour and a half. I don't think he's going to make it.

Scott's new yarn is lovely, but both spinner and fiber left a minor disaster in their wake. The fiber is a from the first sheering of a colored finn cross. I carded about half the fleece, but those curly tip ends still held an unbelievable amount of dust that came out during spinning and finishing. I was taking the day off anyway (sort of) so I suppose I'll clean that up while he's at work.

My sort-of day off involves a somewhat ambitious agenda of doing the homework for my class on website development, pulling 5#s of roving in to .5 oz bundles to sell as felting fiber, cleaning (ugh), spinning some thick and thin for Green With Indie, and either rehanking yarn I dyed last week or hanking up undyed yarn to dye tomorrow and Thursday. So really, not like a day off at all.

I hope this post posts okay. The cursor keeps jumping and it tells me I have HTML errors.
What happens when a group of university librarians take on Lady Gaga's Poker Face? To quote one YouTube commenter, they become rockstars...of KNOWLEDGE.