Sunday, September 19, 2010

Overworked and a bonus rant

I love love love my job until I do it 12-18 hours a day 13 days in a row in a month where I've only made 5 sales because it's early in the month. I hate to blame everything on the economy, but I BLAME THE ECONOMY. People just don't have extra $ that first paycheck of the month.

I decided to take today off. I woke up, cleaned up, filled the sink with hot water and wool, made coffee, opened my blog reader, picked up some carded wool and started filling the bobbin of my wheel right next to my desk in my office. Do you see what I did there? Work. I can't help myself. It brings me happiness and contentment on this rainy Sunday morning, but if I'm still dyeing/spinning/carding in 11 hours from now, I'm gonna get cranky with myself, especially since none of this needs to be done. The only thing that needs to be done is rehanking sock yarn and putting ribbons around some batts which is what Deborah, Ann, Scott and I will be working on later this week, along with spinning, knitting, noshing and drinking way too much coffee and Pepsi One.
Below is the real rant of the post. You might want to just skip it.

I read a lot of so-called "mommy" blogs. By far my favorite are blogs of real people just talking about their lives, their families, their views on the news of the day, their struggles, their hobbies and themselves. You know, blogging. Some of those blogs do make money through advertising or through organizations like BlogHer. Sometimes they do give aways. Sometimes they do reviews. They are transparent in terms of who is paying them to talk about what and they talk about their lives and passions when they aren't getting paid to blog. Funny, witty, thought-provoking posts with a chance to win a washer/dryer combo? I'm there!  

There is a new brand of blogger, though, and my least favorite kind. My least favorite blogs are those of people who used to talk about their real lives--whatever those lives might have been --but who have now monetized their blogs and sold out their readership by blogging for ad revenue instead of for fun. It seems that this brand of blogger can only talk about their spacious new mcmansion (furnishings subsidized by Major Furniture Company), their $5000 DSLR camera and professional grade video camera (subsidized by their PR firm), and their 4 backyard swimming pools (one each for the kids, the dogs, parties and laps) in their "modest" suburban home edged with Grecian urns and waterfalls. But don't worry, y'all! They're still totally the down home poor lil' country kid they've always been! Tee hee! BTW, I'm going to reach through the internet and throttle the next grown up who says "tee hee" without irony.

I would love to blog for money and giveaways. I really would. I don't begrudge anyone that. It's fun! I just don't want to have to wonder if they were paid to talk about cereal and vacuums. Or worse, posts written in false modesty about a bloggers pseduo-poverty when every other post is a picture of what can only be described as an oppulent display of wealth.

Don't get me wrong. I like seeing pictures of stuff, but there is a huge difference between

"Hey! I just redid my backyard! Look at my 4 interconnected pools and awesome Grecian urns (or spinning wheel or new camera)! I'm so excited!"
 "I am just like you and I can relate to your experience. If I don't make a post today then I'm not going to keep up my readership and my advertising firm will drop me. I'd better have grecian urns installed so I have something to blog about. I am just like you. That will give me 4 different blog posts. One about picking out urns, one about having them installed, one about a humorous incident involving the urn delivery service and one photo-essay about my urns. I can relate to my readers' experience. Since I blogged about the urns in my ad-driven blog then I can write those urns off on my taxes and then it will be like I didn't pay for them at all. I am just like you. I wonder if I can get sponsorship from Urns-R-Us? Don't worry, readership! I'm still totally one of you."

Friday, September 10, 2010

Crossposted from the biz blog

Spinner? Want to learn? You can enter to win a spindle and 3 braids of roving from me in the Pancreatic Craftacular. 

Kim Werker, editor/author/crocheter/awesome, started her Pancreatic Craftacular fundraiser earlier this summer with the hopes of raising $3000 for The Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research.

Several crafty mavens are donating a portion of their sales to Kim's fundraising goal. In addition Kim is hosting a raffle on her blog. The first prize is $300 worth of yarn from another donor. The second prize is from me--3 braids of roving and a Sleeping Beauty spindle from Simple Market Farms.

To enter, simply make a donation to the Lustgarten Foundation and then leave Kim a comment. You can find more details by clicking here.

The contest closes on Monday, September 13th, 2010, at noon Pacific time.