Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Un(Wrapped)

How was your Christmas everyone? I had a great holiday filled with 3 days of cookies, pies and cakes. I didn't hold back on the savory pastries or the breakfast casseroles. The lasagna was still frozen last night otherwise I would have eaten that, too. I think a few no-carb days are in order, right after I finish this pizza left over from last night...

Ram statue at Missouri Botanical Garden

Most of our gift giving was handmade and we received several handmade gifts, too. I asked for handmade and artisan soaps from everyone and got it. I have enough soap to last until next Christmas, which is perfect. Handmade soaps melt faster and cost more but they are so much better for your skin than detergent bars you can get at the store.

My favorite handmade gift I received this year was a Christmas tree skirt from my mom. The picture does not do this skirt justice. It is heavy, sturdy and BIG. It is also not around a tree. Next year? A tree!
We gave several people gifts of crocus and paperwhite bulbs in glass vases filled with rocks and water. We saved one vase for ourselves to force 3 crocus bulbs. I'll post pictures once they start blooming. Other gifts were either knitted by me or woven by Scott. Not pictured--one ice scraper mitt and a scarf

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I haven't updated in ages and I had so much to update, too! I know I'm going to forget something, but let me see if I can remember it all.

  • A local artist did an interview about me and the business and posted it in her blog here.
  • Husband-person has had his hours cut right before Christmas once again, possibly through April this time or maybe not at all. Hard to say. They cut his hours, give it back, cut his hours, give it back, cut his hours, give it back. The only thing that is clear to me is that he will never have December house with this job, not ever. I'm not going to get excited about it anymore. A friend's mom told me that I need to think of it as if he were doing construction work and prepare accordingly. Sounds good.
  •  My second trademark has gone through for the business. I assume if you're one of the 4 people reading this that you know what that business is. I'm not linking directly to my site just because Google still wants to rank my personal blog above my business website, shop and blog. I don't want to give them anymore incentive.
  •  I went to a card-making class at the LYS a few weeks ago and made these great cards and tags. Thanks for setting it up the class, lovely Deborah! 
  • St. Nick actually remembered to visit my shoes on December 6. He brought me Sharpies and gelt. No kidding.
  • Husband-person just emailed me while I was writing this to say he's back on full time for January. See what I mean about how I need to not get excited anymore? 
  • Amazon Santa visited early and brought me HP & the Sorcerers Stone special edition and the first season of Dharma & Greg. The HP special edition has scenes added back in that actually makes the movie make more sense. It's fun to watch, but not sure its enough extra unseen content to be worth the full $40 price. Amazon has it for $26 right now, which is better. Maybe wait until it is $22.