Friday, January 15, 2010

Skelly mitten prototype

This is the design that has been stealing my knitting mojo occupying most of my time. This is just the prototype. I need to redo the top of the mitten. The whole chart needs to either be narrower or the mitten needs to be wider. I'll do that next week. A few days ago I complained to Twitter that I wanted to take scissors to it. It just looked like a big tangled pile of frustration that had taken 2 weeks longer than I had planned it to take and it was wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. After receiving a few "there, theres" I sucked it up, finished the prototype and blocked it.

Why do we ever discount the power of blocking? Blocking totally saved this design and the prototype from going to the recycling bin in teeny tiny pieces. Sure, it needs a little work, but it isn't bad. It's kind of....well, it's kind of exactly how I pictured it in my head 3 weeks ago and that's kind of cool.

I haven't decided what to do about publishing. Should I submit it? Should I self-publish? Will anyone even pay for this? Do you like it? Would you like it even if it cost $5? I've put a lot of work in to it, sure, but I fully admit I have lost all objectivity with this project. Is it good? Is it bad? Is it worth the time and money I've put in to it so far? Would the experience of designing this and writing the pattern still be worth it even if I lost money doing it? Do I really want answers to these questions? Er, unsure.