Monday, January 18, 2010

Chicken Vinegar

Yesterday Scott made a faaaannnnnntastic roasted chicken from an old free-range bird with roasted sweet potatoes, turnips and onions on the side, homemade gravy on the top and homemade chocolate pudding for dessert. When I make roasted chicken it takes a couple of hours, tastes so-so and we end up pitching most of it. This is Scott's first chicken and it took 8 hours to prep and cook the bird, make stock for soup today and clean up. Worth it? Oh yeah! We're doing it his way from now on.

The bird smelled and tasted wonderful last night. It still tastes good today (yay leftovers!) but the apartment smells like chicken grease. Yuck. A few weeks ago someone turned me on to vinegar as a room deodorizer. I was skeptical to say the least, but I put a bowl of vinegar out in the kitchen before bed last night. This morning the bowl of vinegar smells like chicken brine (ew) and the kitchen smells like vinegar, which smells clean and will dissipate quickly. Nifty!