Sunday, January 24, 2010

PSA: We don't eat cats

I just googled "Dyeabolical" and stlrachelknits didn't come up in the search results. I declare the blog name change successful! Obviously, I am the business and it is me, but it was verrah verrah frustrating that Googling "Dyeabolical" would pull up and display links on to stlrachelknits rants, made before I ever conceived of a yarn dyeing business, before it ever linked to my business pages. Plus, I just like having a "private" public space where I can talk about, oh say, racism and sexism without contaminating a purely knitting and fiber space.

I have asked Google politely (by clicking the ticky box) to not index Lehcar Knits, so hopefully it won't index "Dyeabolical" along side this blog if I were to say something like.....

I swear to yarn that the next person to say something shitty and dumb is getting jacked upside the head.

...except, like most people, I have been socialized not to jack people upside the head when they let their white/male/hetero privilege, racism or sexism show. So, I will probably just smile politely, deflect it with humor, seethe inside and make a ranty blog post about it...possibly with a bullet point. [There were more bullet points but the subject was making my head explode, so you just get the one today.]

  • Implying Chinese people serve or eat cats is an ethnic slur. You can tell because no one ever says that about Italian, Irish, German or Mexican restaurants. You can also tell because Snopes said it was both xenophobic and FALSE and Snopes knows everything. Have Chinese people ever eaten cats? Yep, but not in America. In America eating cats is not cool.
And that's your public service announcement for today. Please don't index me, Google.