Thursday, February 11, 2010

Garden Time!

Scott and I sat down with seed catalogs this past weekend and planned out our garden this year. This is our 3rd year gardening with any kind of seriousness and our first year starting from seeds. My goal for this year is to make our garden save money. Last year we sunk a lot of money in to it for a lot of joy but very little produce. Have you read The $64 Tomato? It was like that.

If we don't save money this year then it will be because it is an investment year. The seed cost is negligible. It is the other stuff that we need to get. This year we need to buy new and lighter dirt than we had last year. We want to buy a few railing boxes if we can find a kind that won't fall and kill the neighbors if there is a stiff wind. We are experimenting with self watering boxes for some of our vegetables. If I know us well enough, and I do, I can easily imagine that we may sacrifice a corner of our living room this fall for a table and grow lights so we can grow our own baby spinach all year 'round in the fall. I also bought a small sprouter from Park Seed to grow our own microgreens.

And, just as in grade school, I made a scissor-and-paste collage of what our garden will look like. Click to embiggen.

Pictured above, going clockwise:

  • Tumbling Tom Patio tomatoes to be potted in a 12x12 container and set on a table, should we be able to settle and agree on a table this year. It is entirely possible that the 12x12 container will actually be a growmato and that it will set on the floor because we won't be able to find a table we both like.
  • Pansies in the spring and fall; gazinias in the summer. We will also try some lantanas and lilies that we have seeds for.
  • Pablano, False Alarm Jalepenos and multi-color bell peppers in Earthbox #1
  • 1 Green Stripe tomato and 1 Sweet Tangerine tomato in Earthbox #2
  • Heirloom marigolds among the tomatoes and peppers
  • A looseleaf lettuce mix on the potting bench
  • Spicy, Lemon, Lime and maybe Sweet basils, plus an Italian herb collection, also on the potting bench
  • Spearmint and Bee Balm in the same large container near the back door.
  • Fairy Tale eggplants.
  • Fire & Ice radishes planted with a rainbow mix of carots
  • Red scallions, with more marigolds planted nearby
  • We have a jade, avocado, kalancho, hens and chicks and aloe that spent the winter on holiday in my in-laws basement. They all need repotting in to a lighter-weight soil and will probably go on the landing.