Monday, February 15, 2010

Knitted Footstool. No joke!

A year ago my friend Natalie was making knitted blocks for a mutual friends baby. They were dense little suckers. I should know because she beaned one at my head. I said then that they would make great footstools if knit larger and snarkily suggested that she make one for me knowing she never would. I should be more careful what I say to Natalie because sometimes she likes to prove me wrong for my birthday.

Isn't it amazing?

Every side is different.

It is soft and sturdy...

..comfortable to prop your feet on....

Cat and awesome knitted footstool
..and in case of Cat-astrophe, the panels can easily be replaced.

I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT. Thank you Natalie!

Knitting Olympics, Projects 1 and 2

I wasn't going to do the Ravelympics. It seemed like a lot of time spent on the forums and I just wasn't in to it. Then Yarn Harlot announced she was doing Knitting Olympics again and I signed up. That's all there is to hers. Sign up if you want. Knit what you want. Take a medal if you choose. No teams, events, sign ups or forums. I have nothing against Ravelympics. If I weren't already doing a swap on another active board than I might have done Ravelympics.

It seems like I just picked up the knitting needles again after learning how to knit in grade school, but I guess it has been more than a few years. I remember the last Knitting Olympics clearly, so it must be at least 4 years since I started up again. I guess that makes sense. Knitorious opened in 2004. I started working there in 2005. The shop moved in 2006. My first day in business as Dyeabolical was in 2007. It seems like I have been dyeing yarn for a long time while simultaneously seeming like I have only been a Knitter with a capital K for only a short time. Odd.

Anyway, I have decided to do the Knitting Olympics this year. My goal is to work on sample knitting. I am pretty far behind in my work knitting and crocheting. I like to knit up at least one sample from each of the yarns I carry. I also have 3 potential yarns that need dyeing and testing and 2 new rovings that need to be spun up. Let's not even talk about the 3 or 4 patterns I have half written up. My goal for the next 2-3 weeks is to do as much work knitting as possible in my down time. I feel like I should put "down" in quotes since, if my body cooperates, there won't be much down time in the next 2-3 weeks. I took it easy in January and now it is time to ramp back up.

Wow. I'm feeling pretty rambly today. Check the time stamp on this post. I'm having snot-filled insomnia right now. It isn't in my lungs and it doesn't feel like a cold. It feels like bad hayfever and it isn't responding to Zyrtec or Sudafed. I found one lone Singulair leftover from when I could afford Singulair. Hopefully it will kick in soon and fix the problem. On to the knitting and crocheting...

Knitting Olympics Project #1--Bibb O'Fire(fly). Started before KO from my Cotton Warp.

Knitting Olympics Project #2--Double thick potholder. Started before KO. Also from my Cotton Warp.