Sunday, February 28, 2010

Knitting Olympics Wrap-up

I didn't set out what I accomplished to do, but I also didn't anticipate deaths in the family, being too sore to knit, filling in the shop (not that I didn't enjoy it very much) or being thrown for a loop by some serious asshattery. But you know what? It's knitting and not brain surgery, so I'm okay with not making my Olympics goals. I got the mitten pattern sent off to test knitters, have a new retailer (more details in the Dyeabolical blog soon), dyed up 4 new base yarns, tested 20 new dyes, dyed up 5 pounds of BFL (listings before Wednesday, I promise),  and developed 5 new colors so it isn't like I didn't get anything accomplished. I did my work, I just didn't fill my off hours with extra work or catching up on blog reading like I planned. I'm okay with that.

Catch up with you soon.