Sunday, March 7, 2010

On Not Blogging

I gave out my personal blog address to several people this week along with my business blog. I also gave a warning about rare but unapologetic f-bomb usage in my personal blog. One person visibly flinched when I said 'f-bomb'. She may have fainted dead away if I had actually said 'fuck'. My guess is that the fliching person won't be reading this blog. That's fine.

I was a lot more open with my opinions and life before I changed the name of the blog and asked Google not to index it. I like having lots of readers. I like reading about others lives and opinions and don't mind sharing my own to a certain degree. I like writing for my own entertainment and I don't mind sharing my thoughts with others. What I don't like is people standing around the yarn shop speculating on my life or speculating about what kind of person I am because I choose to blog, especially if I'm standing right there. Believe it or not, blog or not, I am kind of a private person.

Jen and I were talking to Franklin Habit (name drop! name drop) yesterday about how he negotiates blog-life and real life. I chickened out at 100 or so readers. He has thousands. I would love to have hundreds of readers, if I could think of something clever enough to say to them. Then I remember how profoundly uncomfortable I was when I realized that people I don't like were having entire conversations about the kind of person I was based on arbitrary bullshit, like the kind of hair cut I have. Then a few months later a group of extra catty people (maybe the same group of extra catty people) started in with thinly veiled snarks about me and how great I thought I was. Um...what?  That's when I realized I'm not thick skinned enough to maintain an entertaining blog, which is fine since blogging for An Audience is a lot more stressful than blogging for my friends.

Back to the name dropping in the previous paragraph, yesterday Jen and I went to a photography class taught by Franklin Habit at Kirkwood Knittery. It was a lot of fun and informative, but I was just plain worn out by Saturday afternoon. It has been a long damn work week on top of the 3rd funeral in 3 weeks, on top of still recovering from falling dramatically down stair on top of the same sinus crap that everyone in St. Louis has right now, so by the time I was face to face with Franklin I was stiffling yawning that had nothing to do with the entertainment value of the class....

...Scott just came in here to remind me I'm not supposed to be working or blogging today and that I've already been doing both for 5 hours already, so I've got to run away before further grumpiness ensues. Here, have a kinneared shot of Franklin Habit...

...and a proper one: