Friday, March 26, 2010

Sprouts Explosion, 3-ply and Silk Cowl

These were my alfalfa sprouts on Tuesday:
Sprouts Day 2
These are my alfalfa sprouts today and that's after having eating a bunch of them for lunch yesterday and having a handful this morning with breakfast:
Sprouts Day 5

When I haven't been staring gobsmacked at the sprout explosion, I have been spinning my first 3-ply yarn from Zer0 roving, who sadly does not appear to be in business any longer. 3-ply is hard without a tensioned lazy kate, y'all. Very hard. Like had to cut off 20% of the singles because they became a horribly tangled mess even though I used a 3-hole diz to guide the singles.

Does "tensioned lazy kate" sound like 3 words that don't belong together? Tensioned lazy is an oxymoron, as is lazy Kate. The only combination that almost makes sense is a tensioned KateohKatie. She's learning to drop spindle. If that doesn't make for a tense person than I don't know what does. I love my spindles, I do, but that first few weeks were, er, challenging.
When I haven't been growing sprouts or tearing my hair out learning how to 3-ply, I have been working on this very simple and luxurious cowl. I may never wear anything around my neck but silk ever again. YUM. I knit this from about half a skein of Tussah Silk that I dyed as a limited edition for the Strange Folk Festival.