Friday, April 23, 2010

Miss You

Life has been a little hectic around here lately. This is what I've been doing when I've not been blogging:
  • Getting ready for a show without overdoing it, as I am prone to do. I've had to rework the entire way I work to keep from knocking myself out of the game for a week at a time. It is frustratingly slow.
  • Re-discovering spinning, improving my skills and revving up to spin at production levels when my new wheel gets here. Please oh please oh PLEASE let this be worth the money. 
  • Beginning a course in how to tech edit patterns. I'm not completely lost in the curriculum and I consider that a small miracle. Then again, we're only on week 1. 
  • Gardening. I had my very first salad with lettuce and swiss chard I grew myself.  The first earthbox has been started with an heirloom green zebra tomato seedling and a hybrid orange tomato. We have many basil plants growing. We lost a few seedlings to a bastard squirrel. I planted a tomato plant upside down and have no expectation that it will do anything but die. Almost everything is planted now. The only thing we have left to transplant are the peppers, a few gazinias and some marigolds. [Edit to add: Pictures below]
  • Two roadtrips this week--to Iowa for a funeral and to Chicago for a tombstone dedication cermony. 
  • Watching Vicar of Dibley and Torchwood. My opinion that the first half of Torchwood is trash stands. I have very much enjoyed the last half of the season, though. 
  • Packing orders. Huzzah! 
  • Missing you. Google Reader is about to hit the 1000+ unread mark soon. I think I'm caught up through 2 weeks ago. I miss you, blog friends.
Edit to add: Garden pictures!

The long box of pansies has become my cats new best friend/worst enemy. He visits them every time he is out on the patio and bites their blossoms off. The small glazed pots have 2 different kinds of basil. The red container and the terra cotta pot way in the back are an avocado tree and a jade plant left over from last year. The yellow container holds what I hope will be an awesome tumbling tomato plant.

The potting bench has been getting a lot of action lately.

There is lettuce planted on top, a tomato plant upside down beneath it and a planter of radishes and carrots beneath. Once again I am failing to grow good radishes. The greens are green, but the root vegetable isn't developing. I am apparently awesome at lettuce. Since I took this picture the lettuce is tall enough that you can't see the dirt.

The two square containers hold flowers that are starting to look a little sad. I am going to rip the pansies up as soon as the wildflower seed takes hold. The long container contains swiss chard which may be my new favorite food. The tender young leaves are delicious in salads. I can't wait to harvest the bigger leaves for a wilted side dish.
Lots of seedlings