Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thunderstorms are nature's way of saying 'you'd better get up and knit on these socks'

I'm awake! I'm awake! No need to throw hail at my roof, Mother Nature.

Since I'm awake, here's what I got finished on the socks yesterday. Notice I am not to the heel on either one of them. That's because yesterday was nap day. I did the bare minimum of work--checked email, called a supplier for some of my bases and had a complicated conversation that went like this:

You billed me 15-54s instead of 5-54 and 10-80. I think that might be a mistake. The second thing I was calling about is that the 80 is labeled 80-base1 and should be 80-base 2. I think the 10-80base2 might be 10-54base/80base1, b/c the 80 smells like 54....oh good, so I'm not the only one who thinks 54 smells like that.

I suppose the fact that the above conversation makes sense means that I'm officially a resident of crazy wool town. The rest of the day I spent taking spontaneous and unauthorized naps, except for the 2 hours where all my allergy, antibiotic, cough medicine and asthma bong all started working. I spent those 2 hours running around Webster Groves digging through a small but fantastic garage sale. I'd show you a picture of my haul (canning pot! pasta pot! egg basket! 1940s/1950s linen napkins! super nice kitchen shears! Wooden afghan hooks!) but it's raining like cats and dogs and its all in my car.

I started cleaning my oven while I wrote the above paragraph. The smell from yesterdays burned pizza is still pretty awful. I heated up some vinegar on the lowest setting in the oven on the principle that it would get that rank smell out of the air. It sort of worked.

Ahem, where was I? Oh yeah.

Time for coffeeeeee.