Thursday, May 13, 2010

As the heel turns...

I have been thinking about knitting all day, but thinking is not doing. I can't recall what I did this morning. I can't recall it at all. I assume this probably means that I did not have coffee nor did I dye yarn. I don't think I did any paperwork....what was I doing?

Well, whatever I was doing I stopped doing it and hung out with my pal Ann. After that I had an allergy and an asthma event (those would be two separate events--hello rainy season) and then came home and did the math for my tech editing class really quick before the benedryl kicked in. If I had known I was going to need trigonometry in knitting then I would have paid more attention in college.

This evening I spent knitting like a crazy woman when I wasn't taking mid-row naps (see benedryl) I thought I would be to the toes by now, but I'm not. I'm through the heel turn of both socks and the gusset of one sock. I can live with it. I won't be giving them to Scott until tomorrow night or Saturday morning, which gives me another day to knit.

Oh wait! I remember what I did this morning. I installed the scanner and scanned the first page of a rediscovered family album. This is me circa 1977. I didn't sit like a lady then, either.