Monday, May 24, 2010

Balcony Homestead

I've been talking about if for weeks and now I've finally done it. I've started a gardening blog at ....not that I won't still talk about my garden here. So here's a run-down of my blogs because, really, there are starting to be an excessive amount of them and I like to keep it straight in my head.

Lehcar Knits: That's this one. The original one. I lie to myself and tell myself that it is semi-private. Anyone can find it if they know the address or are linked to it, but it isn't searchable by Google. It used to be a knitting blog, but now I use it as a place to blog with my friends. I talk about knitting, family, politics and my garden. Somewhat obsessively talk about my garden, actually. I don't actually picture this changing with the new blog. There are something like 20 of you who read this, plus the occasional visitor who is linked in. I like that. This is the blog I feel free to say hey buddy, fu.....sorry mom and dad.

Dyeabolical Yarns: The business one. I'm marginally more professional there and as a result no one reads it except my friends and family. I love you guys.

Balcony Homestead: Public, searchable, does not have my name or location attached, it isn't attached to my business or this blog, less of a journal-type blog and more of an information blog. I feel like I have something valuable to contribute to the conversation about container and balcony gardening. I share a lot of that conversation here, but I wanted to put it in a place where I can connect with others. I am going to talk about my own garden but I have started to write posts about generic topics, like how to keep water off your neighbor's head and how to deal with squirrels at altitude. I'll be having guest bloggers in the future if this project gets off the ground. I've already said 'dammit' there twice, so I may have to wash my blog-mouth out with soap.