Thursday, June 24, 2010

I feel like I haven't blogged in a really long time. I guess it has only been a week. I am giving some serious thought to getting some of that speak/type software. The only thing holding me back is ego. I feel like I ought to be able to be a concise enough thinker, a fast enough typist and have a strong enough work ethic to not need the speak/type software. Then I remember the 20 blog posts I wrote in my head that never made it to the computer because that would have involved making my brain and my hands work together when I could have been staring at the television and knitting on a sock while a little drool runs out of the corner of my mouth. And also I don't think the speak/type software can help me with run on sentences. Or sentences that start with a conjunction. Or fragments.

Speaking of drool, the Tour de Lancy Pants starts in a few weeks. Until I got the Netflix Watch Instantly to play on my TV, the only time my TV was on for more than an hour a week was in July when it was on non-stop to watch the pre-race, race, post-race and highlights of the Tour. That was when I had cable. Sadly I do not have cable anymore. I wish I could get cable for just a month without a bunch of hassle. Luckily Versus TV will have on-demand streaming of each stage, so I won't miss any of the race itself, but I will miss all the insightful commentary. Everyone who has ever watched the Tour just laughed when I said "insightful commentary". Essentially it is 5-8 hours every day of Bob Roll talking about how much he hates France and everyone else talking about how hot Lance Armstrong is and let's face it. Lance Armstrong is pretty hot for an old guy. Oh god, I just looked up how old Lance Armstrong is. Not much older than me at all.

Here's the other problem with blogging. I came here to get my rant on about how it isn't cool to lash out at other people and bring them down just because you are having a worse day than they are, but I ended up spending 30 minutes looking at pictures of Lance Armstrong after doing off on a tangent about drool. See? This is why I don't blog more.