Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I am full to the brim with righteous indignation. 
  • [Edited to add and moved to the top because I'm mad about it again] The economy pisses me right the hell off. Sandy said, completely sarcastically, "yeah well if these people wanted a job they'd have a job" and rolled her eyes to fully punctuate that what she said was sarcastic. And you know what? I wanted to belt her one right there and told her so. Not really belt her, of course, and she gets that (I hope). No, I want haul off and knock out every person with a job who says that about people who can't get jobs right now. People, McDonalds isn't hiring right now. Lots of us still have some discretionary spending left and are spending, frankly, a little irresponsibly (I know I am) while an insane amount of our cohorts are having their own personal Great Depression. So frustrating. 
  • The white washing of Airbender. So all the good characters are white and the bad guy is brown? And they cast Asian roles with Caucasian actors? I don't believe I'll be seeing that movie, thanks.
  • That Wonder Woman's personal history is being re-written to be completely dumb. Plus she has a new outfit, which is fine except that it seems like the powers that be rewrote her character to explain why she has pants on. Girl changes outfits, girl changes her fundamental self? What the hell? All my favorite superheroes are DC. DC keeps taking my faves and having them say and do vaguely racist and explicitly sexist shit. They also keep trying to change things to appease the women without, you know, consulting women. 
  • The guys that live downstairs. I can't even talk about it without an instant migraine. Let's just say after a really stressful few weeks dealing with their assorted issues, which I try to be patient and understanting about, I came home today to find they acquired a new turkey fryer or meat smoker. I can't tell which. Either way, one isn't competent to operate such a thing and the other isn't responsible enough. It is big and contains fire and they live on a wood balcony sandwiched between two other wood balconies which are adjacent to 2 trees. They are very responsible with their itty bitty charcoal grill, after I told them how to use it, but this smoker thing is just dangerous, especially if it turns out to be a fryer, not a smoker. I don't care what it is. What I care about is that every 12 hours for the last 48 hours seems to produce some new and stressful shit from their apartment--having my bedroom ripped up because my floor was "noisy", finding nothing wrong with my floor, cutting my carpet in to pieces, and then being told (angrily) that the repair that THEY REQUESTED was too loud and woke them up? There is a pinging in the top of my head whenever I think too hard about it, which I am pretty sure is a stroke about to happen. I've called the office about their various other issues and someone is supposed to talk to them soon.
  • Fruit flies. Fruit flies piss me off to no end. I've tried the apple cider vinegar trick and it isn't working.
Things that make me less mad:
  • This masham wool I dyed up for Annie and forgot to get a decent picture of.
  • Tour de Fleece starts soon. 
  • It was potluck night at knitting. We had some truly astounding food which I, again, forgot to get pictures of.
  • The new Harry Potter trailer.