Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dust on Christ's Head and Tour de Fleece: Day 4

I practiced supported long draw using the masham wool that Annie brought me and that I dyed. My preferred method of spinning is a worsted short forward draw.

I love the heavy dense yarns it makes, but it sucks up the fiber. I wanted to get better yardage from this masham wool and give it a softer hand, which means spinning woolen. I watched Abby Franquemont's Drafting video from Interweave and picked up some good tips on just how to do that.

I'm not sure I'm getting enough twist in it yet, but just under an ounce of lace-to-fingering singles in an hour ain't bad. Scott and I watched the Tour de France from the overpriced, undersupported Versus streaming feed (don't get me started) and spun for about 4 hours. I have about another half ounce to spin tomorrow and then I'll ply. I'm hoping to get 200+ yards of a sport weight with a decent halo.
I went to a funeral this morning at Christ Church Cathedral of a family friend. I would rather not have had a reason to be at the Cathedral in the first place, but since I was I spent a few minutes admiring the beautiful hand work.

There were needlepointed kneeling cushions in the chapel that depicted various saints. Some people used them as seat cushions, which was amusing. The chairs were not comfortable, so I can't say I blame them. If I hadn't known what they were in advance I may have done the same thing. There was a hand embroidered vestment hanging from the ceiling between the sanctuary and the administrative part of the building. The stained glass was beautiful. By far the showpiece of the place was the carved altar. 

 I wasn't thinking about the carved altar when, during the luncheon, a member of the church asked me if I wanted to see the dust on Christ's head. Intriguing. How could I refuse? He took me to the back of the kitchen, shoved a few boxes out of the way, pointed towards a narrow utility closet door and gestured me through. WOW, if only all utility closets had this view. [Click the image to make it larger]