Saturday, July 17, 2010

TdF Days 9-15

Day 9:

Day 10:

Day 11:
Progress! I spun for 7 hours today!

Day 12:
More spinning! Lots more spinning! After I'm all done spinning for the day my bobbin still looks like
It seems that a little bit of alpaca goes a long damn way when you draft long draw.

Day 13:
Coyotes whistle and the wind howls. Or something like that. I managed to ride a mile on my under-desk bike while checking my email and ....woohooo! I got in to the Strange Folk Festival again this year!

Day 14:
Hot day. I spun until my hand got sweaty. The bobbin still looks like this:
If this were the real Tour de France I would have been kicked out by now. Instead of spinning more than 2 yards, I ordered the Strange Folk roving (a few pounds each of polwarth, falkland, wensleydale, mixed bfl, sw merino/tencle and a bfl/silk blend) and a few cones of one of a kind, limited edition yarns for the table (merino/silk lace, alpaca/silk/wool blend and brushed kid mohair). It was "only" 27 pounds. Paltry to the average hand dyer who has her own studio, but somewhat overwhelming since I still have 20 pounds of yarn on my shelf and I'm limited to dyeing only 2 pounds a day until....well, until my body decides I'm not limited anymore.

Day 15:
I finally accept that I can either work or I can knit/spin. Not both.