Friday, November 5, 2010


I'm giving this FlyLady thing another chance. I'm on day 3. The apartment looks  better and I've realized that it isn't as bad as I thought it was, but I'm seriously spending like 2 hours on my morning routine completing her easy 2-15 minute exercises. That's not even accounting for the seasonal list of things that she says need doing. It's effective, but kind of hard to do. By the time I'm done I'm out of the mood to dye yarn. This is what today's list looks like, along with commentary:

*dust living room (okay, but let me take some zyrtec first)
*declutter car (I'm putting a time limit of 15 minutes on this)
*declutter purse (Um, I'd better put a time limit on this, too)
*15 minutes picking up and taking out trash (who needs 15 minutes for this?)
*drink water (done!)
*5 minute room rescue (surprisingly effective in my office)
*plan dinner (pizza--done!)
*relax for 15 minutes (that's called sleep, right?)
*work out (my morning decluttering and cleaning routine wears me out so much that I don't do this until right before bed. I've also been having a flare-up of every damn thing that's wrong with me so I have to be careful not to overdo it. Stupid. I used to lift weights and bike miles a day, dammit.)
*shine sink (I reluctantly admit that my work day is easier if the day starts with a clean sink.)
*2 minutes in "hot spot" twice a day (my hotspot is my kitchen table. I always need more than 2 minutes to clean it off. I'm confused why stuff keeps ending up  there.)
*15 minute declutter (I've been focusing on my dye shelf. That shelf is awash in disorganization and frustration. 3 15-minute sessions later and I've only got 2 shelves decluttered and 0 shelves organized)
*make bed (I have never done this regularly. I reluctantly admit to liking a made bed at night.)
*swish and shine (Shine means wiping down the bathroom sink. Swish means cleaning the toilet. I hates this, I do. I'm not ready to admit that the bathroom looks awesome.)
*a load of laundry a day (I don't make that much laundry. Maybe a load every 3 days?)
*empty dishwasher every morning (I don't make that many dishes, so I have yet to need to empty it. Go me.)
*work 8 hours a day (this is not a Fly Lady directive, but it sort of needs doing what with it being essential to paying the electric bill. Sadly, although I have finished everything FlyLady told me to the last 3 days, I have failed to work a full 8 hours any of the last 3 days)

Conclusion: I've already priced out how much a professional organizer and a cleaning service would cost.