Saturday, November 6, 2010

Reasons to shop at an LYS

I'm cleaning off my virtual desktop and found the following half-written post:

Reasons to not shop at an LYS:
-the staff talks about you like you aren't there
-the staff actively ignores and plays soduku while you wander around aimlessly
-the staff doesn't know what worsted weight yarn is
-the staff has never heard of Noro
-any member of the staff thinks nylon is a perfectly acceptable substitute for cashmere
-the owner tells you you're fat
-the staff treats men knitters suspiciously
-the staff treats men knitters like they are geniuses for knitting garter stitch

Not a reason to stop shopping at an LYS:
-a single clerk enthusiastically wants to help you
when you enter a store and the backs off when you say 'just looking'
 I have no idea which even inspired me to write this. Probably a Ravelry forum thread. Probably a Ravelry forum thread directed at my LYS.