Monday, November 29, 2010

To bed, to bed

I took half an hour this morning and put the garden to bed for the winter. It isn't hard to do this year. I had done a lot of it last month. What is left gets ripped up, thrown away or abandoned to the squirrels for the winter. We're refining our plan next year. Again.
For starters, no more indeterminate tomato plants. I mean it. The above picture was taken in July. We had another month of startling growth. The tomato yield was great, but trying to water this container plant through it's 1" diameter watering hole was hard to do 2x a day. I was secretly thrilled when the wicking well collapsed and the plant stopped drinking. I gleefully chopped that mother down.

When we do the garden next year we are going to remember how crowded and overwhelming it was in August and how hard it was to keep everything watered.

We will remember how stressful it is to try and keep water from dripping between the slats on to the neighbors balcony when we are watering our plants. We didn't do too bad with this. We got sturdier trays to catch water, but the neighbors were very vocal about a single drop of water falling on their heads. I'm working on a plan involving marine carpeting if only I can work out the rain problem. I don't want a soggy wet carpet after a rain because that could lead to...

Mosquitoes. We will remember the mosquito problem and find a way to deal with those sturdier trays full of water. I actually don't know how to solve this problem. If we lift the tray to empty them then they dump on to the neighbors balcony, which we don't want to do.

We don't eat the jalapenos.

Sweet peppers and bell peppers are not the same thing. Even if they were, we've never successfully grown either.

Fairytale eggplants are awesome and we will plant lots.

The heirloom variety marigolds really worked well to keep the insect population down in the containers nearest them.We'll plant at least 1 in every veggie container.

Never underestimate the squirrels.

More flowers than veggies until we move someplace with dirt.

More drought resistant varieties.

Get sand for the base of the tomato tower.

Cherry tomatoes only in the tomato tower.

Swiss chard is yummy.

The long boxes don't drain well.

Snapdragons can survive anything but me.

Head lettuce tastes better than leaf lettuce.