Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Triumphant Return

I was going to post this in my work blog, but then I realized that it is just way too crabby to be the "official voice" of my brand. So in order to continue the further separation of  church and state work life and personal life, I decided to post it here.

I've returned to sewing! Commercial pattern instructions were getting bad when I left sewing almost a decade ago, but now? What the heck?!? No wonder my friends new to sewing are intimidated by garments. The instructions are terrible! I just made the tunic below on Monday.

Warning! I'm about to get ranty up in here.

The pattern was marked "very easy", but can we discuss all the ways it was not easy? 
        • Pattern said that selvedges were included, but they never said what the selvedge was supposed to be.
        • The sleeve cap was totally lopsided in a way that didn't make any sense at all and was much much too full for the armhole opening. I know sleeves can be challenging on the best of days, but these were ridiculous.
        • There were marks on the pattern, but no key to what those marks meant. I knew what they meant, but are they just assuming that everyone knows what the marks mean.
        • There is no mention of clipping the curves on the armhole or back neck. So do we just not do it anymore? Have recent advances in sewing techniques rendered centuries of clipping curves moot? I've also discovered that "press seam open or to the side" isn't always included. I guess, again, they assume that the beginner sewer* just knows this? (*I refused to say "sewist". Weavers weave, knitters knit, sewers sew. No one is going to confuse "person who sews" with "drainage pipe".)
        • Applying ribbon and trim to the neckline, hem and waistline is not "very easy". (I skipped the complicated trim and used some handmade bias tape I happened to have laying around).
 BONUS RANT-Plus size sewing patterns...HULKSMASH For all of the talk about apple shapes, pear shapes and triangles and dressing appropriately for your shape, there seems to be a vast conspiracy against designing for true apple shapes. A true apple shape has a bigger waist than bust. Sad, but true. Can we abandon the notion that all women nip in daintily at the waist? I have had a bigger waist size than bust size since before I even had a bust. RELATED - the bust and shoulders are too big, the hips fit fine, but the waist is about 2" too small on this top.


Kate said...

Well it looks beautiful, even if it was a pain-in-the-ass-and-a-half to make!

BTW, Google reader tells me there's no RSS available for this blog. How can I stalk you without an RSS?


Kara said...

I agree with Kate that it's a lovely tunic.

And yes, I will get ranty with you about the lack of instruction on patterns these days. It's why I fear sewing clothes. Ridiculous that they can't explain things better.

Also, I still totally clip the curves of anything I'm making. Just makes sense, y'know?